Handmade British Craftsmanship with Distinctive Design

Simpsons offers bespoke luxury mirrors, furniture, and accessories, all meticulously handcrafted in England. Our collections blend elegant silhouettes with expertly crafted wood, metal, mirrors, and luxurious leather finishes. Each piece is a testament to the dedication of our skilled artisans, handcrafted to order in our workshop nestled in the Essex countryside.

Collaborating with leading international designers and working directly with private clients, Simpsons offers a range of contemporary designs with timeless appeal and responsible craftsmanship. Conscious design choices are integral to our approach, minimising waste across our business.

Alexander Yardy

Guided by Alexander Yardy, the creative force shaping our brand for the past two decades, our family business takes pride in embodying a heritage of design and craftsmanship excellence.

Our Artisans

Our 48 year legacy testifies to an unwavering commitment to UK manufacturing. The dedication to preserving artisan craftsmanship and nurturing skilled talent.  

The Workshop

Working collaboratively under one roof, our seasoned artisans not only create but also share their expertise, playing an active role in training the next generation.