Wow House Inspiration

Wow House Inspiration

Celebrating Creativity at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

This month, our showroom home at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour becomes a canvas of innovation and creativity as Wow House showcases interior designs from leading international talents. The vibrancy and individuality each designer brings to their room are truly inspiring. Here, we celebrate many of our favourite elements that define the Simpson’s aesthetic.

Symphony of Colours

Rich earthy tones, glorious greens, and deep blues dominate the palette, creating a sense of opulence and depth. They evoke emotions and set the tone for luxurious living spaces.


 The Elegance of Antiqued Mirrors

Antiqued mirrors feature throughout, they bring an element of softness and sophistication. There timeless appeal blends seamlessly with contemporary styles, providing a perfect balance between the old and the new.


Mirror Panelling

A standout feature, it adds a layer of complexity and interest, creating reflections that play with light and shadow, making spaces feel more expansive and inviting.


 Bronzed Metals

The use of bronzed and antiqued metal trims throughout brings an additional element of glamour and luxury. These accents add character, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship involved.


Curved Corners

Curved corners soften the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious flow within the design. These subtle details balance the boldness of the materials and colours used.


Cocktail Hour

Making a stylish return, the classic drinks trolley offers aesthetic charm. For the ultimate cocktail preparation, a statement drinks cabinet is a standout piece, combining elegance with functionality.


Geometry in Design

Facetted tables bring a geometric precision that is both modern and timeless. These pieces stand out for their structural elegance, becoming focal points in any room.             


As we continue to celebrate the creativity of these designers, we invite you to explore these elements and more at our Design Centre Chelsea Harbour showroom. Each piece is a testament to the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that define the Simpson’s aesthetic.

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