London Design Week – Conscious Design

London Design Week – Conscious Design

As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of London Design Week, we extend an invitation to all design enthusiasts to join us for an insightful panel discussion centred around conscious business practices. This engaging conversation will shed light on the unique challenges faced by British businesses striving for sustainability and ethical standards.

Leading the discussion is Giles Kime, an esteemed figure in the industry serving as the Executive and Interiors Editor at Country Life. The panel boasts a distinguished line up featuring Edward Bulmer, the visionary Founder & Director of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, renowned his dedication to creating sustainable and health-conscious products. Alongside him is Lee Lovett, the Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Soho Lighting Company, a trailblazer in innovative lighting design. Completing the panel is Alexander Yardy, the Co-Owner & Creative Director of Simpsons, bringing his expertise in craftsmanship to the forefront of conscious design. 


 Photograph | Giles Kime

Each panellist represents a different stage in their B Corp journey, offering a diverse perspective on the evolution towards more sustainable and socially responsible business practices. This promises to be an enriching dialogue that not only delves into the current landscape of conscious design but also explores the ongoing journey of these industry leaders.

Join us as we navigate the intersection of creativity and responsibility in design. Stay tuned for updates as we share insights from this compelling panel discussion.

 Cover Photograph | Edward Bulmer

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