Bespoke furniture inspires origination, fires the imagination, and provides us with infinite opportunities to echo the eclectic tastes of our clientele worldwide.

Whether evolving from a simple expression, the hint of an idea, a nod to an era or an explicit vision, our bespoke concepts not only meet your requirements, they infuse life into the very heart of your home.

Every element of our workmanship is superior standards upheld by our British designers and craftsmen for over four decades.  We live, breathe and craft furniture and mirrors to exacting customer requirements.  Our collective combination of extraordinary skills and attention to detail, traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology enables precision of cut, accuracy of measure, superior finish and lifetime endurance.


We believe that our craftsmen are trendsetters in their infinite pursuit of the delicate balance of aesthetics and function and are very much alive and flourishing in a skill considered long-since vanished. Our extensive portfolio demonstrates both our client’s and our own freedom of expression evoking feelings of nostalgia, contemplation, relaxation and awe, complementing the status of numerous homes with unhindered extravagance.

Each piece we make enthuses individuality, solidity and character of distinction.  No two pieces are identical.  Whatever you require, we deliver.  It is this dedication that has led to increasing demand from clients enabling us to continually evolve.

These are exciting times for us.  With over 40 years experience with bespoke furniture and mirrors we have become renowned for our broad capabilities.  A request to reflect the social history of a specific era, adapt a traditional look for a contemporary feel, or simply to create something entirely new, we are equipped to deliver.  This coupled with our respect for finite features and minute detail has helped our British craftsman achieve an international reputation second to none.

Even the endless materials we source and with which we work, the woods, glass, metals, leathers and fabrics; the cutting, the blending the fixing and the finishing, behold the accomplished skills and toil of our much copied, ubiquitous creations.